Welcome from Matt Revell

As this is my very first post allow me to introduce myself.

I am Matt (no suprises there), a computing student at Leeds University. The campus here is great, especially our union, as every Leeds sudent knows. Despite the odd terrorist plot, Leeds is a great place generally. Many decents pubs, clubs and bars. I recommend the Quilted Llama for lunch!

I orignally grew up in Walthamstow (yep, thats right more terrorists, but more on Brian Harvey later), an east London suburb just east of Tottenham. Home to the longest street market in Europe, a world famous dog stadium, William Morris, dodgy boy bands, Hitler’s favourite British building, a derelict cinema, and my [ex] flat! If that isn’t a glowing advert I dont know what is!

I spent much of my early youth in The Standard, Walthamstow’s one and only rock club (if its even that), behind the town hall, in Gareths Garage, or in my flat with all my awesome mates.

That all changed forever after I met someone very special to me. They inspired me to go on to greater things. Nothing good last forever though. Everything pretty much went to hell, but I still made it out of Walthamstow and up to Leeds. “Out of the frying pan, and into the fire!” according to my dear old grandma.

About Matt

Cloud Systems Engineer at Reed Elsevier; cloud computing advocate, rock climber, swing dancer, amateur photographer, professional idiot....
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  1. You’ve gone WP! Try not to let it control your entire life. It’s all about striking a balance between an empty blog and my blog :p.

  2. Good to see you on WordPress Matt, and a nice theme you are running with too. I have updated my blogroll :)

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