The smoking ban

After I moved out of my old house on Royal Park Grove (good bye and good riddance! though I will miss the views of the sunset) and into our new flat on Kelso Road I decided to give up smoking. I am now living with my cousin, Cj who doesn’t like smoking at all and to be honest it is an all round good idea.

I thought at first it might be hard, but it turns out that moving house is an excellent strategy for giving up! As I found myself in a new environment, with my computers in bits and all my stuff piled around me in boxes, I really didn’t feel like lighting up. This is the first and most important step, breaking the routine and replacing it with a new one. I took up eating instead!

So now, even when I have my computers, my music, my movies and my lighter at my finger tips I do not want to smoke. I gave up on 1st July, over six weeks ago. Since then I have been much more happy, motivated, coherent and generally with it. Perfect timing for the year ahead where I will need every brain cell and every muscle working flat out to finish my degree!

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