Back to “normal”

I noticed today, for the first time since the chaos of July 1st that everything seemed “normal” again.

Nothing has felt normal since long before the move. Back then, normal was sitting in my room, two floors up watching planes land into Leeds Bradford Airport while smoking big fat doobies. Normal was waking up to the sounds of Kieran’s music (or Half Life deathmatch). Normal was spending almost every hour in front of my computer achieving absolutely nothing while smoking big fat doobies. Normal was feeding Charlie at 3’oclock in the afternoon.

Now everything is different, yet it seems strangely the same. Now normal is waking up to the sound of CJ coming home from or going to work (that boy works such odd hours). Normal is getting at least one undesired phone call every day. Normal is spending at least half of my time in front of my computer, achieving something at least 50% of the time (the other half of my time is spent eating). Normal is thinking of Charlie, but not missing the white hair that gets everywhere.

I guess it’s because all the ever present “normal” things have come around. We have had phone and electricity bills; we have direct debits; our stuff now lives in cupboards and drawers and not boxes; we have the internet; we have a parking permit; we’ve met the neighbours; we have had our house warming partay. Yes we are truly settled, and everything is normal.

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