Make some noise for BT

Now I could go off onto a rant about how terrible BT are, and I’m sure there are many who would concur with their negative experiences. I would certainly be fair to say that things did not go smoothly when we first signed up, but it certainly was better then some.

We have had our line less than two months now and I have already had to call BT regarding a fault. I noticed it last Friday, though it probably happened at least a week earlier. Like many people I don’t actually use my landline, I just have it for my internet connection. It was only when I tried to call an 0800 number that I realised there was a loud buzzing. No wonder my router was only syncing at 5mbps for the past week! There as me thinking it was because I downgraded the firmware. Turns out it was some loose wiring somewhere.

Anyway, I reported this to BT who informed me they’d aim to get the problem resolved within 48 hours. Naturally, it being bank holiday weekend, I expected that to mean Wednesday or Thursday. Turns out they were serious, I got a call on Sunday morning, asking me to check the line again. Everything was fixed, hurrah!

So despite their general bad rep, they’re doing something right somewhere; working through the bank holiday!

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2 Responses to Make some noise for BT

  1. The question is though, have your sync speeds improved?

  2. Matt says:

    They have indeed, right back up to 8meg where it should be :) I am really glad about it too. I seriously thought it was something I’d have to live with as a trade off for using my netgear router.

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