For *beep* sake!

I often wonder how and why this sort of thing happens to me. I’m sure it must happen to other people but sometimes it just does feel like the world is out to get me in the most subtle yet soul destroying ways.

A few days ago when I woke up I could hear a smoke alarm going off next door. Nothing unusual there, smoke alarms do go off and it was breakfast time. Probably just someone burning their toast. True to form the alarm kept stopping and then going off again a moment later (like all good smoke alarms do when toast is burning near by) however, I started to doubt this after it was still doing this 2 hours later. Who burns toast for 2 hours?

It soon became apparent that something was wrong and so I tried to contact the owners of the house next door [Samara Properties]. Their maintenance office was closed for the bank holiday, though strangely their sales office was open. Either way their was no-one able to help until the next day, after which it still took them another day or so to get the right keys and get into the flat where the dodgy smoke alarm was chirping away all day and night.

It was a minor thing but it drove me absolutely insane. I can’t get over how happy I still feel about the fact that it has stopped. Does this happen a lot or was I just extremely unlucky?

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  1. It does happen a lot. It can also happen in your own house and not get stopped for two days.

    Heather has a mains powered smoke alarm in her house with a backup battery. It chirps when it is running low, even when the mains supply is there. Because the system is live its not like you can just open the detector and replace the battery. She had to call out the landlord/letting agent, only, because it wasn’t an “emergency” like a flood or similar they took two days to pitch up and fix it.

    At least you had a wall insulating your noise rather than an empty, hollow, echoing stairwell 😉

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