Mind Your Manners pt II

Also last Friday, when I went to see Bad Manners (see pt I) CJ and I stopped off at Santiago’s Bar which across the way from Rios before heading home after the show. As I walked inĀ  I saw a familiar face; one with twitching eyes, framed with gaudy purple hair and contorted in an expression of mixed rage, frustration and fear. Guess who?

Their have been several occasions recently where I have nearly bumped into Claire but this was the first where our paths actually crossed since her least appropriate exploits after our little falling out. Despite these I merely smiled, waved and said hello, then turned away to talk to some people we knew. I thought Claire might either come over and start an argument, but she simply ran off to find her boyfriend (poor sod) and high tailed out of the bar.

I thought that was the end of it, though at 1:48am I received the following text message:

Why do you not fuck off and die abit like your parents did. It would be t best thing t world has ever seen!

Those who have been readers of Chris Worfolk‘s blog for a while may recall the similarity to what she’d said to Chris et al last May. Now I could get angry about it, but all I really felt was pity for Claire.

She moved out because she was too inept at trying to resolve an issue and so simply ran away. She blamed me for this. She then had no success in finding someone to take her room. She blamed me for this as well and resorted to endangering the life of my cat to try and punish me. As I understood it, she was even incapable of holding down a warehouse job for three days (she did not leave, she got fired) and has, ever since moving out, been sofa surfing. A year later she is still homeless and jobless. She has not even been able to think of any better insults and hurtful comments in a whole four months.

The girl needs some serious help. Oh well, her spiteful issuing did not detract from my night out and I certainly didn’t lose any sleep over it.

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