I used to see foxes all the time when I lived in London, they were always rather interested in making a meal out of the cat. However it has taken three and a half years for me to come across a Leodien fox, last night being the first time ever.

They seem to be a lot more timid then there southern cousins. Whenever I encountered a fox in London it took a good soaking from the water gun or a barrage of rubber bands to convince them that the tasty cat-sized meal wasn’t worth the bother. I wasn’t even able to get a photo of the fox I saw last night because the moment I opened the window it was off like a shot. I am quite surprised by the difference in attitude. I always thought of foxes as being cunning and bold, but it seems they can also be complete pussies.

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  1. The foxes in Leeds tend to live out in the suburbs. I’ve seen quite a lot of them in Leeds but never in Woodhouse or Hyde Park, I’m guessing life is a little easier if you stay out of the concrete jungle.

  2. joe p says:

    ok im bored and only just noticed your blog mate. and thought i might try and contribute to this 1. i dont know what a leodian fox is u should elaborate on that. but yeah they’re fuckers down here they bit eddies (my cats) tail off and he was in agony for weeks. im with andre (who shots them with air rifles), he’s got the right idea. much as i like foxes, i dont approve of the murder of foxes being illegal and any fox hunter with balls will set his hounds on any labour mp that trys to assert his assumed authority. chew em up!

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