Not so good

Yesterday was not a good day for my project; I found myself being propelled backwards from the doorstep of phase 2, ending up at the gates of phase 1, right where I started…. well sort of. It certainly felt that way.

The most significant acheivement I have made som far is confirming that I can correctly predict the properties of the output for a neuron population. The next stage is to use models with multiple populations. Before I could move on to this stage, I needed to remind myself of the tools that I had been using before.

The way to do this was to repeat the post-processing of the simulated output for the single population model. As the output files are mammoth in size, I can only store them in /tmp/. This means I had to run the simulation again as well.

Something is not right. While the size of the file is almost identical, the order of magnitude of spikes is correct, my post-processing tool was failing. Given that the output for any given model should be identical no matter how many times it is run, and that the tool worked before, this should not happen. I have modified the tool to cope with the error and produce the meaningful output.

The output I now get still fits the theoretical predictions, and so is correct. However, it is most disconcerting that it is not identical as it should be. I have yet to establish what exactly causes the NEST simulator to behave differently, or if the annomolies are due to the corrupt file. Even if that is the case, I do not know what is causing that to happen.

I will definately be mentioning this to Marc in our next meeting.

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