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Since last week I managed to track down and resolve the problems I had been having with help from Marc. It turned out to be a quota problem; the data exceed my quota and thus overwrote parts of itself. I thought I had modified my script to do this, but evidently not. Once I had got my script using /tmp/ (and my portable hdd) instead of my home folder, everything works fine again.

I now have a working, one population model. The input and output is consistent as far as I can tell. This is something that is bothering me though, I don’t feel like I am understanding the theory as well as I should. It is certainly making my progress slow, which is frustrating. I am trying to make sense of the Amit & Brunel papers, but they’re big papers and it is all too easy to get lost n the text.

A firm grasp on the background is becoming most apparent now that I have started my final report. I will not be able to write up that section well at all unless I do.

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