The Cliff

I found myself standing on the edge of a cliff,
The turbulent sea crashing at its rocky base,
I had been on an adventure through beautiful countryside,
The simplest things bring the greatest pleasures.

As I travelled I came across a beautiful butterfly,
She danced in front of me and settled for a moment,
Waving her beautiful wings, which shimmered in the sun,
Before she fluttered off again away from me.

I followed her as best I could, dancing among the trees,
But she fluttered ever onwards towards the cliff,
There I could follow her no longer; she was free but I was not,
I could only watch as she flew away from the cliff into the distance.

I looked out from my perch on the cliff,
Far away I could see even more beautiful scenes,
I could only imagine what wonders lay within them,
Places I longed to go, but the treacherous sea was in my path.

I looked back the way I had come and saw smoke rising,
Last night’s campfire still smouldering offering promises of warmth,
Should I brave the journey and try to cross the sea?
It would surely be much easier to just turn back…


In life you can never turn back the way you came,
So when you find yourself on a cliff you have but one option,
No matter what lies between you and your goals,
You must be brave; you must be fearless; you must JUMP!


You must JUMP

You must be brave; you must be fearless; you must JUMP

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Cloud Systems Engineer at Reed Elsevier; cloud computing advocate, rock climber, swing dancer, amateur photographer, professional idiot....
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2 Responses to The Cliff

  1. So very true. Keep on jumping, keep on reaching for the stars

  2. Teresa says:

    I was just reading it again – it’s a beautiful poem, Matt, and I’m so happy you jumped :) Lots and lots of love

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