iTerm2 Keybindings for OS X

Word Jumping

If you use a mac and tried the iTerm2 application, you may have noticed that the keybindings for word jumping and deletion are not set up correctly. Here’s how to fix that:

From the iTerm2 menu select Preferences > Profiles and from the right select Keys. Now add the following key bindings by clicking (+) for each:

Alt + Left
Send Escape Sequence, Esc + b

Alt + Right
Send Escape Sequence, Esc + f

Alt + Backspace
Send Hex Code, 0x17

Split Terminals: Creating and Navigating

I also like to bind keys to split the terminal vertically and horizontally and move focus between them.

From the iTerm2 menu select Preferences > Profiles and from the right select Keys. Now add the following key bindings by clicking (+) for each:

Alt + Up
Split Horizontally with <profile>

Alt + Down
Split Vertically with <profile>

Cmd + Up
Select Split Pane Above

Cmd + Down
Select Split Pane Below

Cmd + Left
Select Split Pane on Left

Cmd + Right
Select Split Pane on Right

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