BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing)

I have become so passionate about this software and what it would mean if everyone in world with a PC were to participate in the various projects available through it, I have created this page to encourage others to join in. To find out what let me to BOINC, read my post here.

Full details about BOINC can be found at

  • BOINC is a piece of computer software which uses a PCs excess computing power to work on scientific projects.
  • A machine receives small chucks of work to be completed and returns the results once it has completed.
  • The effect of massive numbers of home computers cooperating in this way is more powerful than several super computers
  • Their are a wide range of projects that can be worked on, including biology and medicine, climate prediction, astronomy, physics and mathematics
  • BOINC is available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and most other *nix operating systems

The BOINC website also has full details about all projects currently available. This is the very technology used by the SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) project. If you wish, you can use BOINC to participate in the search.

I personally elected to take part in the World Community Grid, which coordinates only public and not-for-profit humanitarian research projects. To read more about the World Community Grid, click on the link below

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