Return of the Matt

Those with keen eyes will have noticed that all my old blog posts have disappeared, except the old welcome announcement. I have decided to revive my blog, and to change the theme of its content (but not the graphical theme; I am too lazy and I happen to like it as it is :p)

[Edit: OK, so I found a new theme I liked even more]

After reading over all my old posts it occurred to me that most of them had a very negative tone. I cannot guarantee that I will not continue posting the odd rant but I intend to keep the the tone as light as possible. This generally means less politics and world affairs which tend to depress me totally and utterly, though if I can find a light hearted way to comment, I will!

As I am about to re-enter my final year at uni, I have computers and technology on the brain so expect a lot more computing related posts (I know Kieran would be proud!). I have also decided to import my blog into Facebook, bringing it to a wider audience.

So on that note, welcome back to my blog!