The Cost of Computing

Owing to the soaring cost of energy, I decided to invest in a plug in power meter. That is a handy little device that monitors how many volts/amps/watts and most importantly watts/hour is being drawn from a power socket. I decided to plug this into the socket which supplies my entire computer rig to see what my computing is costing me. I had running my desktop PC, my file server, LCD monitor and speakers. One hour later and the meter was reading 0.34kWh which means that to keep this running for 24 hours would use 8.16kWh. It doesn’t look like much but lets do the maths! Putting these figures into pounds and pennies is a convoluted process, and different for … Continue reading

Back to “normal”

I noticed today, for the first time since the chaos of July 1st that everything seemed “normal” again. Nothing has felt normal since long before the move. Back then, normal was sitting in my room, two floors up watching planes land into Leeds Bradford Airport while smoking big fat doobies. Normal was waking up to the sounds of Kieran’s music (or Half Life deathmatch). Normal was spending almost every hour in front of my computer achieving absolutely nothing while smoking big fat doobies. Normal was feeding Charlie at 3’oclock in the afternoon. Now everything is different, yet it seems strangely the same. Now normal is waking up to the sound of CJ coming home from or going to work (that … Continue reading

The smoking ban

After I moved out of my old house on Royal Park Grove (good bye and good riddance! though I will miss the views of the sunset) and into our new flat on Kelso Road I decided to give up smoking. I am now living with my cousin, Cj who doesn’t like smoking at all and to be honest it is an all round good idea. I thought at first it might be hard, but it turns out that moving house is an excellent strategy for giving up! As I found myself in a new environment, with my computers in bits and all my stuff piled around me in boxes, I really didn’t feel like lighting up. This is the first … Continue reading

Return of the Matt

Those with keen eyes will have noticed that all my old blog posts have disappeared, except the old welcome announcement. I have decided to revive my blog, and to change the theme of its content (but not the graphical theme; I am too lazy and I happen to like it as it is :p) [Edit: OK, so I found a new theme I liked even more] After reading over all my old posts it occurred to me that most of them had a very negative tone. I cannot guarantee that I will not continue posting the odd rant but I intend to keep the the tone as light as possible. This generally means less politics and world affairs which tend … Continue reading